10 Best 3D Rendering Software That You Can Use

Most software has a default rendering engine, some default rendering software is good but some are worst and time-consuming In this chapter, I will talk about some of the best 3d rendering software. Let’s dive right in. 1. Arnold Arnold is the great software for rendering. Currently, it’s available for 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4d, Katana, Houdini, … Read more

Best 3D Modeling Software – The Complete List

premium 3d modeling software

Choosing the right 3d modeling software is essential to creating awesome artwork. Today I share a Complete list of the best free and premium software for 3d modeling. Let’s get started. Premium and Best 3D Modeling Software In this chapter, I will talk about some most popular premium 3d modeling software. These software’s are industry … Read more

22 Killer Resources to find 3d Modeling Reference Images

3d modeling reference images

Finding 3d modeling reference images is essential while working on any 3d project. Mostly junior artist waste som much time on google for references because they dont know the better resources. Today I share some best resources that saves your time. Let’ expolore. 1. ArtStation ArtStation is the best place for 3D modelers and Concept … Read more

14 Killer Resources for Human Anatomy Reference

Human Anatomy Reference Resources

Human Anatomy Reference is essential for drawing, 3d modeling, or sculpting. If you want to understand or practice anatomy then these anatomy resources are valuable for you. Let’s dive right in. 1. ArtStation ArtStation is a number one resource for 3d artists. Professional 3d artists use Artstion to share work and inspiration. Artstation and ArtStation … Read more

3 Easy to Understand Anatomy Books for Artists

Theres is a lot of anatomy books for artists avaibale in the marketplaces but few of them are easily understand by an artists. Artist has a diffrent learning method than a medical student and I found these three books are perfect of any artist who want to learn anatomy seriously. Let’s dive right in. 1. … Read more

UV Mapping for Beginners: The Definitive Guide

UV Mapping for Beginners is very complicated because they dont use the right approach for unwrapping. That’s why mostly artist struggling with Unwrapping. Let’s dive right in. Step #1 Understand First, you need to understand about UV and Unwrapping, U and V are horizontal and vertical axes. In simple language, Project 2d images in 3d … Read more

Low Poly Modeling: The Definitive Guide

Low Poly Modeling is more demanding because various industries use this techniques. Do you know that Low or Mid poly 3d models sell more at various 3d marketplaces. Let’s dive right in. 1. The Understanding In simple term, low polycount is called low poly modeling.Polycount also depends on industries and projects. For example, Gaming industries … Read more

25 Killer ZBrush Tutorials for Beginners

ZBrush Tutorial Collection

ZBrush is a great sculpting software with a lot of amazing features such as dynamesh. I learn ZBrush with some of the best ZBrush tutorials. With these ZBrush Courses, you can sharpen your ZBrush Skills in less time. Some tutorials are free and some are paid but don’t worry premium ZBrush courses are also affordable. … Read more

PureRef: Essential Software for Artists

PureRef is a must have software for artist to organice reference images in a beter way and it’s completely free. Today I talk about this free software features and more. Let’s dive right in. Usage and Download It was created by Viktor (Programmer) and Natashca (3D Artist) and it’s use for Reference Boadrd Creation and … Read more

28 Killer Maya Tutorials for Every Level of Artist

Autodesk Maya is complete 3d package and you can learn it from various resources such as YouTube,CG Marketplaces etc. Today I share some of best maya tutorials that you will love. Some tutorials are free and some are premium. Let’s dive right in. 1. Exterior Environment Modeling This is a simple tutorial for the environment but it … Read more

Lantern Modeling for Games [Step by Step]

Lantern modeling for games is a best practice for hard surface artist. But Why lantern modeling is best for learning Game assets because lantern is made with dirty and rusty materials. If you make a lantern then you can learn About Hard Surface modeling, glass Reflection, Refraction, IOR, dirt, and scratch texture. So without wasting time let’s start the tutorials. Step #1: Find high quality reference … Read more