5 Best Cloth Simulation Software That You Should Use

Cloth making is very tough in 3d software. But with the Best Cloth simulation software, you can easily create any type of cloth easily. Let’s dive right in. 1. Marvelous Designer With Marvelous Designer, you can create extremely realistic cloth easily. You can also simulate the cloth with Marvelous designer. In short, MD is the best 3d … Read more

3D Modeling in Creative Industries

3D modeling is a form of digital art that allows you to create and shape any three-dimensional character imaginable. In addition to letting your imagination run wild, the profession is also super-popular at the moment, with many leading creative companies looking after new artists. The effect of 3D modeling is massive. Most of us are … Read more

Character Creation for Games

Learning realistic character modelling is a necessary step towards becoming a character modelling artist for games and films. Character modeling artist position is a highly rewarded and demanding position in the Film and Game industry. By the end of this course, you will be able to model realistic human characters for your portfolio so that … Read more

Maya Tutorials

Autodesk Maya is one of the most popular 3D graphics packages in the industry, heavily used in film, television and games. These tutorials will offer a look inside this complex, powerful software, ranging from modeling and animation to rigging and simulation. If you’re new to the world of computer-automated design (CAD) software, Autodesk’s Maya has … Read more

Gun Modeling Techniques

Modeling weapons is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to practice hard surface modeling. There’s always a plethora of online resources you can gather for reference and they’re all based off of real world designs. Today, I will show you how I model, texture, and render out one of my scenes from my … Read more

4 Best 3D Sculpting Software That You Can Use

Today I share some of the best 3d sculpting software and these software are industry standard and higher job opportunity. Let’s explore the software. 1. Pixologic ZBrush ZBrush is a very popular digital sculpting software. ZBurhs is a first choice for samall and large production houses and studios. It’s lightwight sculpting software and it has modeling … Read more

Zbrush Sculpting Bundles

This is the ultimate Zbrush Sculpting Bundle! It contains some of our most popular sculpting tutorials. You’ll get a really solid understanding of the human form, how to sculpt and how to work with ZBrush. In this article, we are going to learn about ZBrush sculpting. Sculpting in Zbrush is done primarily using brushes, but … Read more

UV Mapping for games

In UV Mapping for Games we’ll tackle, in great depth, one of the most common pain-points that all 3D artists have: UV Mapping. No matter which area of game development you are in, if you interact with 3D models you will need to know about UV mapping – even if only at a fundamental level. … Read more

Facial Features Sculpting

All the developers have spent many years studying the fundamentals of anatomy. It has always been essential to developing credible and realistic personalities. Your ability to create sculptures will be substantially enhanced by increasing your anatomical knowledge. Of course, realistic characters require it, but cartoon and stylized characters also require it. Even though they may … Read more

Best 3D Texturing Software for 3D Models

Texturing a 3d model is not hard if you use a right software. Today, I will talk about some of the best 3d texturing software. Let’s dive right in. 1. Substance Painter Substance painter the best 3d texturing software for games. It used PBR Texturing workflow and it’s widely used in the Gaming industry. If you … Read more