Mech Robot Tutorial in Blender, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop

mech robot creation

Mechanical robot tutorial is given here using the different 3D modeling Software. Mech Robot Tutorial in Photoshop In this tutorial, you will learn how to texture a mechanical robot. This will give your robot a more realistic appearance. Mech Robot Tutorial in 3D Mech robot creation in Blender I started by creating a basic robot … Read more

3D Texturing

3d texturing software

Textures are images that are wrapped around 3D models to create a more realistic look. There are many different types of textures, including diffuse, normal, specular, and displacement. Diffuse textures are used to create the overall color and appearance of a object. They are usually maps that contain a variety of colors, and are applied … Read more

Game Character Texturing Tutorial

character texturing for games

The process of creating 2D images for use with 3D models is referred to as texturing. Textures, sometimes known as “maps,” operate with Shaders and Materials in a 3D engine or 3D software to create the coloured output of a 3D object. Textures can be created using a variety of methods and tools, including hand … Read more

Girl and Dog Creation in Zbrush

girl and dog creation in zbrush

In this tutorial, the creation of girl and dog starting with the concept, sculpting in ZBrush, modeling with Blender, retopology and UVs in Maya, and using Substance Painter to apply the textures. The lighting and the render was made in Blender, and finally post-production with Photoshop. First of all select the concept. Select the image … Read more

Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors

fundamentals of anatomy for sculptors

A successful figurative sculptor is the one who have a fundamental knowledge of anatomy for sculptors. Anatomy refers to the skeleton, muscles, and skin and fat. These are collectively known as surface anatomy. There are entire topics written on this subject, so a comprehensive discourse is beyond the scope of this topic.

Low Poly vs High Poly modeling: Which one you should Use

low poly and high poly modeling

The main difference between low and high polygon modeling depends on the detail and poly level of model. However there are other things to take into consideration when deciding the low poly or high poly to use before you start modeling. Texture Textures you use in your materials while making a model also decides the … Read more

Introduction to Substance Painter

If you want to work faster in Substance Painter then you need to remember some shortcuts.The substance has already shared a detailed shortcut key on his website. It’s hard to remember all the shortcut keys, so you can remember the essential shortcut that you mostly used. You can also edit some shortcut keys. If you accidentally … Read more

Introduction to Blender

Blender is a free and open-source 3d modeling software for beginners. It’s great software for hobbyists. Blender is now an industry-standard 3d software because many startups, small studios use Blender as the main 3d software. Blender has great 3d modeling and sculpting tools but It’s mostly used for 3d modeling purposes. It also has great motion … Read more

Flipped Normals – Introduction to Substance Painter [Review]

Today I review one of the most popular Flipped Normals Introduction to Substance Painter courses. Should you buy Flipped Normals – Introduction to Substance Painter course or not? It is worth it or not. Who is Your Insturctor Your Instructor is a senior texture artist and he is worked on many popular Hollywood movies such as Batman … Read more