Best 3D Modeling Software – The Complete List

Choosing the right 3d modeling software is essential to creating awesome artwork.

Today I share a Complete list of the best free and premium software for 3d modeling.

Let’s get started.

Premium and Best 3D Modeling Software

In this chapter, I will talk about some most popular premium 3d modeling software.

These software’s are industry standard and have higher job opportunities.

Let’s start.

1. Autodesk Maya

autodesk maya

Autodesk Maya is a very powerful 3d modeling package. It’s the most used and most popular 3d modeling program. It’s available for MAC Also.

It’s very popular among character artists because most character artists prefer Maya instead of other 3d art programs.

Maya is the best 3d animation software for beginners because Maya has easy to used animation tools.

Maya has also the best retopology tools, so it’s also considered the best retopology software.

Maya comes in two versions, one is Maya, and the second is Maya Lt.

Maya LT is developed for gaming artist who has a tight budget and they don’t want advanced Maya features.

Some of the best Maya features are XGen, advanced UV Mapping, etc.

If you have a very tight budget and Maya is very expensive for you, you can use Blender, it’s free for personal and commercial use.

I already shared some amazing maya tutorials if you want to learn maya.


  • Dynamic and effects
  • USD workflow
  • Powerful 3d animation tools
  • Easy rigging
  • 3D Modeling, advanced UV mapping, and sculpting
  • 3D Rendering, Shading, and motion graphic
  • advanced Scripting

2. Autodesk 3DS Max

autodesk 3ds max

3DS Max is an advanced CG Artists software. It’s the best 3d modeling software for beginners.

It has very powerful modeling tools and modifiers, especially for hard surface modeling.

If you want to make a carrier in the gaming industry, I consider learning 3ds Max asap.

3DS Max is the best 3d modeling software for games and interior design. It’s mostly used in the video game and architecture industries.

Most professional architects use 3ds max. Most video gaming companies use Autodesk 3ds max instead of Maya.

You can also read 3ds max and maya comparison here if you confused betweeen 3ds max and maya.

It’s also a useful tool to design furniture easily.


  • Advanced modeling and a huge list of modifiers
  • Animation and effects
  • Advanced spline tools
  • Powerful rendering

3. Cinema 4d

Cinema4d is the best motion graphic software. It has award-winning motion graphic features such as MOGRAPH.

Where most software is complicated, cinema 4d is easy 3d modeling software.

It’s widely used for motion graphic purposes but it has everything that other industry-standard 3d modeling software have.

Maya has also implemented motion graphic features but they are not powerful as Cinema4d. You can read Maya and Cinema4D comparison here.


  • Node-based material
  • Magic bullet looks
  • Award-wining MOGRAPH
  • Take system
  • Integration

4. SideFX Houdini

Houdini is a very powerful software for 3d modeling, It is just incredible.

It’s mostly used for FX-related works. It’s great for VFX and simulation work.

If you want to make a carrier in VFX, learning SideFX Houdini is essential.

It has robust asset creation tools and it’s used a node-based and procedural modeling workflow.

This software comes in four versions which names are Houdini FX, Core, Indie, and Apprentice.


  • Fully procedural
  • Node-based workflow
  • VFX and Simulation
  • Fast cloth and hair
  • Crowds with ragdoll dynamic
  • Terrain Generation

5. Modo

modo | Best 3D Modeling Software| Premium 3D Modeling Software

Modo is great for designing footwear. You can design footwear in Modo very easily.

It also uses the procedural modeling method and it has the same features that other 3d modeling software have.

The most powerful feature of Modo is, you can see the photorealistic visual without rendering.


  • Photorealistic visual
  • Great for footwear design
  • Faster iterations

6. Lightwave 3D

Where most 3d modeling software is expensive, Lightwave3d comes at affordable pricing.

It’s not powerful like other 3d software such as 3DS Max or Maya but it is valuable to learn the basics of 3d modeling.


  • Motion system
  • Tone mapping
  • Instancing and unthread

This is the chapter 1 of 3D Modeling Software which contains all the premium 3D modeling software. You may also like the other chapter related to 3D Modeling software.

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Now It’s Your Turn

So, I share some of the best free and premium 3d modeling software and now it your turn which software you need according to your project requirments.

If you have any question, suggestion , let me know in the comment section.

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