Gun Modeling for Games [Step by Step Tutorial]

Today I gonna share step-by-step gun modeling for games tutorials to make your own gun. After following this tutorial, you can make any 3d weapon model. Let’s dive right in. Step #1: Get Recommend Software PureRef:  Pureref is a great software to organize your reference image uniquely. It has great features such as always on top … Read more

23 Killer Substance Painter Tutorials That Will Shock You

Today I share some Substance Painter Tutorials that will speedup your learning. Most tutorials are free. Let’s dive right in. 1. Understand PBR Before learning substance painter, you must know about PBR if you don’t know. Substance Academy shares a great guide to understanding PBR. The first guide contains PBR Theory and the second guide … Read more

3DS Max vs Maya – Which One You Should Learn In 2022

autodesk 3ds max vs maya

3DS Max and Maya both are Industry-standard 3d modeling software. 3DS Max is known for advanced and easy to use 3d modeling tools whereas Maya is used for advanced animation tools. Both software is used by popular Production houses, Big gaming studios, Animations studios worldwide. Let’s Compare. 1. User Interface UI means user interfaces play … Read more

How to Create a Passport size photo in Photoshop (Fast and Easy way)

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular graphic designing tool to create passport size photo in photoshop that is used by millions. Every photographer uses Photoshop to touch up the photo.Photoshop is used widely to create every type of photo, reference images, creating concept art, and many moreAdobe Photoshop is recommending software for passport size photos. … Read more